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Show them the path.

You know there’s a career future in your company but your new employees and potential applicants don’t. And when they can’t see room for advancement, they leave, or even worse, they never apply at all.

By showing a potential candidate that the position you’re hiring for has a clear future, they can to see what a meaningful career with your company looks like and are more likely to apply and stick around after they’ve been hired.

Raise Your Flag career paths integrate with any ATS and existing job ads (Don’t know what an ATS is? We’ll help) and are completely responsive.

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Raise Your Flag career path to become a Chef

Give them the skills.

You need entry-level employees to have the skills required to do the job and do it well. Companies use Raise Your Flag career paths to highlight required skills and issue challenges to users to prove they have what it takes before they ever apply.

Once hired, employers use these challenges at each step of an employee’s career path to help them gain more skills and work their way up the organizational chart.

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Raise Your Flag career path to become a Chef

Show them the jobs.

Once you’ve shown potential applicants the paths that exist and the skills that they need to apply, it’s time to find the best candidates for your company.

Job Search

Users can search for jobs at any step of any career path on Raise Your Flag. Your career paths show up in search results and in any related paths.

Job Matching

We know the skills you’re looking for, where the job is located and the preferences of our users. We only match qualified users with your company based on your criteria.

Amazing Companies

We work with the best of the best. Companies who do what it takes to stand out from their competition, understand the new language of recruiting and attract top talent.

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Raise Your Flag career path to become a Chef

Watch them thrive

When you recruit using Raise Your Flag, you’re recruiting somebody for a career and not simply “just” a job. The result? A loyal workforce of people who are engaged with their work and empowered to evolve and thrive with your company.

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