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Talent Hub Lite

  • 1 Career Path on RaiseYourFlag.com
  • 10 Job Postings on RaiseYourFlag.com
  • Resume Aggregator
  • Email Support
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Ideal for partners with 5-50 employees

Ideal for partners with 50-200 employees

Talent Hub +Plus

  • Unlimited Career Paths on RaiseYourFlag.com
  • Unlimited Embeddable Career Paths
  • Unlimited Job Postings on RaiseYourFlag.com
  • Full ATS Integration
  • Weekly Analytics Reporting
  • Unlimited Support
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Ideal for partners with 200+ employees


It's simple, if young, millennial employees see a future with the company they work for (or apply to), they stay longer. If those employees stay longer, you save money re-hiring and those employees are able to earn more over their career. Textbook win-win.

On RaiseYourFlag.com, companies promote their available career paths, step-by-step, from entry-level position to management and beyond. When a young career-seeker uses Raise Your Flag, they’re able to see the paths available to them and exactly what’s required at each step. They’re able to clearly imagine a career with your company and are much more likely to stick around to make that future a reality.

Air Canada Career Path

How it works:

FAQ dashed star

1. Build a path.

Start by mapping the opportunities from entry-level positions to beyond. Where can an applicant go after they’re hired? How long will it take? What skills will they need?

We help you put this together.

FAQ embed code example

2. Get the link.

Once the path has been mapped and we have some more information about it, you get a single line of code to use to embed your path.

It’s as simple as sharing a YouTube video.

3. Put it anywhere.

The code you generate for your career paths can be embedded anywhere. Existing job ads, company blog and your company Facebook page. You name it, paths work there.

The goal? Show the world the possibilities.

4. Attract top talent.

The link you generate for your career paths can be embedded anywhere. Existing job ads, company blog and your company Facebook page? It works there.

Top talent is everywhere, your paths are too.


Job boards exist on the premise that for them to do well, companies need to constantly be looking for *new* employees to fill vacancies. Raise Your Flag aims to fill your entry-level positions with existing workers who want to stay with your company. As a result, you spend less time advertising on job boards because your hiring pipeline is filled with employees who are on a path to fill openings in the pursuit of a meaningful career path.

Do we include job postings on career paths? Absolutely. It’s crucial to to communicate to potential applicants the opportunity to join a company in an entry-level role and work up from there. Raise Your Flag job postings only exist in the context of a career path.


Don’t know what an ATS is? We can definitely still help.

The price of Raise Your Flag is based on 3 things: company size, annual hiring needs and level of integration with your current technology. Plans start as low as $100/month.

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